Welcome to paint-a-clay!


paint-a-clay's studio cafe is a relaxing and creative atmosphere perfect for all ages, small children, teenagers, parents and grand parents to enjoy together.


Based in Elite Tiles at Staples corner, the clay cafe is easy to find and there is plenty of parking. 


With a toddler corner even the youngest can be entertained!


Freshly ground coffee and snacks are available from the cafe. 

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With a separate party room able to accomodate upto 20 painters, we can offer parties during opening hours or out of hours for much larger groups.


Please call or email for further info. 



There is a studio fee to cover the costs of the glazing and firing:

Over 4's £4

Under 4's £2

four paying studio fee, get one free.


Loyalty card, 9th item worth £10 free


Items to paint range from £3.50 to £30 averageing around £10


We have a large range of items to choose from including bowls, plates, mugs, money banks, figurines, etc........


Late evenings


we will be open late every so often for the perfect family reunion, birthday, date night or fun girls/lads night out.


Pre-book to save a place!


Next late evening:




Happy to open for late night session 8- 10pm minimum 15 people @ £15 a head




RHYME TIME: Tuesday-Thursday 10-3 painting to kids music and nursery rhymes £1 studio fee, play area and colouring. Free hot drink for mum!! 

Mid week specials *


CREATIVE AFTERNOONS! 3-5pm  get together with friends,relax, be creative, coffee and snacks. Half price studio fee!


* term time only


Dear customers,            

We are now closed until  further notice.           

pick up of items until the 21st of December 2017   monday to thursday 10-1.

for any other queries   please email us at      


Thank you for all your support.